Update on Shifty 2012

I have not updated the site in a while but that’s alright because I plan on getting back into it soon enough. I’ve decided to do a small post on myself, the new year, and new things I want to do. So without further ado…   Exercise I get a little stir crazy every winter. […]

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Literature and D&D: A DMs Fuel

DMs have a plethora of information at their fingertips concerning how to build adventures, encounters, and campaigns. When I began DMing for my friends I did nothing but read the DMG 1 and 2, the monster manuals, and D&D blogs. I’m a firm believer in stealing from other sources for your own benefit. This was […]

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Three Stage Bosses: Lestakrothos

Some months back I read AngryDM’s article on three stage or “act” solo monsters. I really enjoyed reading through the series of four articles and decided I wanted to make my very next solo fight a three stage encounter. I had a very cinematic scene planned out where my players were defending a fortress from […]

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Music: For play or for work?

I have found that music is a useful tool for DMs while designing and running campaigns. Dead air occurs while you’re reading through rulebooks or while your players are making decisions in the game. Sometimes music is useful to keep the pace of a game, keep you entertained while you’re designing encounters or maps, and […]

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