Five useful things for your Edge of the Empire campaign

I bought the core rulebook for Edge of the Empire a few days ago and have been reading non-stop. It’s a dense book that requires a bit of time to fully understand and appreciate the game.

We are all experiencing that giddy moment of new exploration. The tabletop community has a brand spanking new rpg to delve into. So, in the spirit of fun and new adventures I give you: Five useful things for your campaign.

1. Bastion Soundtrack

Bastion is an excellent indie game by Super Giant games. Beautiful art style, amazing voice acting, and of course a stellar soundtrack. EotE is about the cowboys and crime side of Star Wars not the grand war, convoluted politics, or moral struggle of the Jedi and Sith. If you want a modern sounding soundtrack for your game with the right amount of blues, western, and edginess of a tense adventure game then look no further.

2. The Wire

One of HBOs greatest shows. The Wire is about a revolving group of police who are tasked with lowering crime in the city of Baltimore meanwhile funding, manpower, and other support gets cut from under them. The show does a great job of showing how strong (also illegal) measures doesn’t deter organized crime. It also demonstrates that not all who wear badges are good people and that gangsters can have a code of honour.

If there isn’t a better example of corrupt Imperial officals and galactic Robin Hoods then I don’t know what is. Be warned: this show is graphic.

The Boba Fett of Baltimore.









3. A Fistful of Dollars

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is Clint Eastwood’s most famous Western film. But I would argue that the first movie in the ‘Man with No Name’ trilogy is the best example of gritty, attitude filled, heroism. Eastwood is part Boba Fett and part Han Solo in this film. He’s deadly, brilliant, and almost unflinching. This film has a great setup for a gangland feud adventure just waiting to be made in EotE.

Players and GMs alike will get some ideas for plots, encounters, and characters after watching this.

4. Firefly

This is a fairly obvious one to most people. It’s western and it’s space all rolled into a comedy/thriller/mystery. However I didn’t choose this for the swaggering cowboys. I chose Firefly because of the connection it builds between the crew and ship. Much like Serenity, the Millenium Falcon is a rusting pile of bolts ready to fall apart and yet it stays together (almost) every time they need it to.

Not many pen and paper RPGs encourage GMs to just hand a ship (even a rusty one) to first level characters. A starship is the best way for players to experience the Star Wars galaxy. But, the ship needs to be a character in itself with real relationships to its crew. Your party’s ship needs to have ‘off-moments’ and it needs to get ‘sick’ sometimes. This can endanger the crew and remind them that stormtroopers aren’t the only danger they have to face in EotE.

5. Simple distance chart.

I admit I haven’t put a ton of time into this but I figured something simple would be useful. Edge of the Empire uses generic distances to determine the difficulty of attack and defense in combat. While not a grid based miniature game like D&D, using markers of any sort to represent individuals, distances, and difficulty in Star Wars will make things a bit simpler while you’re trying to remember the myriad of rules this new game has been jam packed with.










Bonus: Lego figurines

I wouldn’t exactly call this inspiring but seeing as how I gave you a little chart I would also add that Lego can be a great addition to your game. Some people may not like the childishness of lego mixing with the gritty adventure they are trying to pull off but if you’ve collected enough Star Wars Lego or otherwise you have a large deal of customizable miniatures to use for your new campaign.


I hope these ideas help you in constructing and getting ideas for your campaign. I look forward to what the community will create and build around this interesting rpg.


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