Update on Shifty 2012

I have not updated the site in a while but that’s alright because I plan on getting back into it soon enough. I’ve decided to do a small post on myself, the new year, and new things I want to do. So without further ado…



I get a little stir crazy every winter. The first two months of snowfall is great, but after the fourth or fifth month of it I start to get a little antsy. I’ve also have let my physical fitness slide the last few years so I’ve decided to start start biking at least 15 minutes, three times a week. Many of us D&D players/DMs are book readers, and video game players, and it’s easy for us to sit down after work and just relax. But, I’ve noticed the moment I go back to an exercise regimen I feel A) awful for not keeping fit and B) feel great afterwards for actually getting off my butt. I’ve been trying to keep active until the snow clears up and then I’ll probably be spending more time outside.

Video Games

Don’t get me wrong, I love Elder Scrolls, but every time they drop a new game on us it seems like the rest of the video game world doesn’t exist. And that is crazy! I started seriously playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and discovered what a phenomenal game this is! I can’t believe that it didn’t get more coverage in the industry when it came out on the summer. There’s so many great ideas in this game that could be stolen for D&D I’ll have to write an entire post for it. I’ve also put some serious time into the 3Ds. It’s fascinating seeing how quickly Nintendo’s newest portable went from a weak market entrance into an emerging powerhouse. This is another video game related article I will have to write as well. There have been some great releases for it, plus some great download options as well. I’m also going back to a few older DS titles that I never finished such as The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. While they both share the much shunned cel-shaded style of Windwaker these are fantastic dungeon crawling action adventure games. I’m considering an article on these as well because of the treasure trove of dungeon ideas and puzzles.


I’m a mostly self taught guitarist, and while I have been on and off for the last 10 some years of playing, I have been recently making an effort to improve. I’m also in the middle of some song writing that I might actually put together. If I ever finish them, I just might end up posting them here on Shifty.

Finally, some D&D…

This year so far has been interesting for my D&D campaign. We’re slowly getting through a major point in my campaign, some players will be well on their way to finishing some personal story-related quests, while others may be beginning their own unique stories. I’m very excited to see how this will all come about. I also ran an adventure a couple weeks back for some acquaintances of mine who happen to be Starbucks Baristas. They were both long time video game players who enjoyed Dragon Age and Skyrim. So when the topic of D&D came up I mentioned that I could run a one-shot adventure for them. Soon enough, they were uncovering a murder mystery in Baldur’s Gate and killing some lizardfolk. They enjoyed the game so much that they were both interested in trying it again. I may end up DMing two campaigns this year depending on my schedule, in which case I may be updating more often on Shifty about both games.

Exit Left

I hope to be more active in the upcoming months, and I’m excited to see what happens with the upcoming new edition.


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