A World of Fantasy…

After a considerable amount of time, I have decided to write a blog about being a DM and what I love most about this role. I love the role playing aspect of Dungeons and Dragons. Classes and races are always filled with exciting and interesting powers and abilities, but when a character hits the gaming table for the first time I love to see how that new creature becomes something more. I wonder how this Dwarven Shaman, or the Genasi Swordmage becomes more than just a sheet of paper with ability scores and modifiers.

As a DM I have come to embrace world building as a major hobby. I love creating new worlds, designing maps, and trying out a new take on classic DnD races.  I enjoy acting, trying out different voices for my players, pantomiming the NPC’s reactions. I want to write about these experiences for myself, so I can categorize and develop them into ideas, but I also want to share what I have created with you.

I hope, in the months ahead, that I will be able to present my ideas and maybe even inspire others to try making their own world for their players.


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