Horror and Dice

I love stealing ideas, themes, genres, and more from other sources and incorporating them into table top RPGs. The first D&D campaign I played started as a bland good versus evil adventure. We had to search for a powerful longbow that was prophesied to end the life of an evil Sauron-esque villain. The DM, however, […]

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It’s in there somewhere…

I believe everyone has that geek moment when they realize they want to plunge into fiction. They see something, or they read something that makes them think to themselves “I want to to write a story.” I had that moment in 1998. As a child of two teachers, I was not allowed to have video […]

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Roll20 and Online Gaming

Those who follow me on twitter will have seen a few comments about Roll20. It is in essence, a program that organizes encounters, images, story telling, and game mechanics in a browser based system to allow DMs and PCs the ability to play online. While people have been using skype, email, and chatrooms to hold […]

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